This time of year, when the flowers are blooming after a long, cold winter, and when the temperature outside is in the seventies after that same long, cold winter, people want to socialize with their friends more than ever. We’ve all been cooped up for months, and now that we can leave our homes without bundling up, without scraping an inch or more of ice off our cars, and without slipping and falling down on ice, we want to visit and be visited. For most of us, socialization means food, and in this new springtime good weather, food means barbecue.

And barbecue means outdoor cooking.

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If you’re going to have friends over for some barbecue, you need to use the very best barbecue sauce on the market. That means you need to order some Craig’s BBQ Sauce from Texas Pepper Jelly.

Craig's BBQ Sauce

When you serve your family and friends food grilled with Craig’s BBQ Sauce, they will eat up everything on the picnic table. There will be NOTHING left over. Craig’s BBQ Sauce on the meat means everything else will taste better, too. Even the pickles and sodas will taste better if Craig’s BBQ Sauce is used on the grill.

When you call friends to invite them over for barbecue, just tell them up front that you’ll be using Craig’s BBQ Sauce and you won’t get a “Thanks. We’ll get back to you!” You’ll get “Thanks!!!! When should we be there? We can be there in a few minutes!”

That’s because there is no barbecue sauce made anywhere today that comes even close to Craig’s BBQ Sauce. Texas Pepper Jelly’s Craig’s BBQ Sauce is the best. The BEST.

There is no comparable barbecue sauce on the market.

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