Labor Day is right around the corner, so it’s time to start stocking up for your holiday weekend cookout! No matter what kind of meat you plan to grill at your backyard barbecue, Texas Rib Candy is a perfect choice! Your family and friends will love it, and right now Texas Pepper Jelly has a special deal where you can order a six-pack of Rib Candy (you pick the flavors!) and you’ll get one of our wonderful Messermeister knives, too!

A good knife is an essential part of every cookout, you know. Messermeister knives are among the very best, so your free knife – with six bottles of Rib Candy! – will be like an extra helping hand for your meat preparation.

As for the Rib Candy, well, our customers as well as our own families and friends absolutely LOVE IT! And like any Texas Pepper Jelly mixed flavor gift package, the flavors are determined and chosen by YOU, not us. We’ll pack up whatever kind of flavors you tell us to pack up. IF you want them all the same, they’ll all be the same. If you want two of one and four of another, just say so. If you want them all to be different, your wish is our command.

Remember that you can specify that your Rib Candy be milder – just say “no peppers.” Otherwise, your Rib Candy will be mildly spicy; we ARE Texas Pepper Jelly, after all! But with our Rib Candies, you’re the boss.

Labor Day will be Monday, Sept. 1, 2014, so your cookout will probably be the previous weekend. You’ve still got time to make a list, check it twice, and order your grilling supplies from Texas Pepper Jelly!

Just remember this awesome deal: 6 bottles of Rib Candy plus a fabulous Messermeister knife!

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