Whenever there’s talk of grilling or broiling, there’s always talk of beef, pork, lamp, and every possible manifestation of these basic meats. However, those who grill a lot know that fish are delicious grilled or broiled, too.

Right now, my husband is on a VERY strict diet of which grilled or broiled fish is the main component. He’s been on this diet for five weeks now and isn’t tired of it yet, mainly because I’ve used so many different Texas Pepper Jelly products and he says it’s like a completely new and different dish every time!

The weather here has been so intensely humid and muggy (and buggy!) that I’ve been using the broiler in my kitchen stove a lot, rather than standing out in the heat making more heat. My husband’s favorite types of fish are salmon and cod, and it’s absolutely amazing how different Texas Pepper Jelly products can turn a slab of fish into a gourmet dish!

So far, we’ve gone through almost all the pepper jelly flavors and two Rib Candy jars. (Just because it says “rib” or “chicken” on the bottle, that doesn’t mean you’re limited in any way!)

Tomorrow, he’s having broiled salmon marinated in Texas Bird Bath Peach Mango Habanero. I’ll brush the Bird Bath all over each salmon filet, sprinkle them with some chopped green onion, and put them under the broiler. Served with mixed broccoli, cauliflower, and sugar snap peas, a tossed salad, and some buttered garlic mushrooms, it’ll be a feast fit for a king. A heart-healthy, low-carb feast. So easy, and thanks to Texas Pepper Jelly products, so delicious, he doesn’t even remember that it’s a limited, restricted diet that’s super good for him.

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