Cast iron skillet with baked brie walnuts and cranberrries with peach cranberry rib candy drizzled over it

Put Festive in the Holidays With TPJ Peach Cranberry Rib Candy

Come October; the holidays hit us fast! Before you know it, it’s Thanksgiving; we’re talking turkey time, Christmas, and New Year’s. Cooking and baking can quickly become frenzied during the last few months of the year. 

Of course, it’s easy to stick with routine recipes; after all, why change something if it isn’t broken, right? Just because your family and friends say kind words about your holiday offerings doesn’t mean you can’t kick them up a notch and catch your guests’ attention.

One way to add some festive to your holiday foods is with Texas Pepper Jelly products. Not sure how to use them? Here are a few ideas that can help transform your seasonal dishes from traditional to sensational.

Perfect Addition to Christmas Turkey — TPJ Peach Cranberry Rib Candy

The holidays aren’t the holidays without cranberries. Lots of people love cranberries but don’t like the wiggly jelly cranberries out of the can. We don’t care much for it either so we came up with other cranberry options, including our Peach Cranberry Habanero Rib Candy™.

If you roasting a turkey in a bag this Christmas, do this – add a few cranberries, 1/2 cup of butter, a small onion (quartered), two fresh thyme sprigs, and four rosemary sprigs inside the turkey’s cavity, and brush some Peach Cranberry Habanero Rib Candy over your turkey before roasting.

Peach Cranberry Habanero Rib Candy & Baked Brie = Holiday Happiness

Do you make cheese trays or charcuterie boards for the holidays? Carry the flavors over from your turkey to the cheese with this simple appetizer.

Warm up a cup of our fantastic cranberry and peach mixture habanero-flavored Rib Candy and stir in 1/2 cup of cooked cranberries. Pour the mixture over an 8-ounce freshly baked brie. Sprinkle toasted walnut pieces over the top. Serve while still warm with your favorite water crackers or french bread.

Our Rib Glaze as a Dipping Sauce

As with many of our products, Peach Cranberry Rib Candy is perfect not only for the preparation of your food but for dipping it, too. Be sure there’s a dish of Rib Candy on the table so people can partake of it freely while eating.

Our experience tells us you’d probably better plan for several bowls of it on your table; it’s good for raw vegetables, dinner rolls, and any other kind of bread and for pouring over stuffing. Some folks even use it on mashed potatoes instead of gravy.

Rib Candy – all of the flavors! – is a delicious addition to any meal, whether you’re using it for a big holiday dinner or just a snack, no matter what’s on the table.

Why not save yourself some time and trouble and order a six-pack to ensure you have plenty on hand, no matter the occasion? Chances are your family and friends will want that much anyway. And, as with all of Texas Pepper Jelly’s cases and bundles, you get to choose your flavors.

Looking for more recipes or ideas for using our products? Be sure to check out our entire blog!

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