I am so glad that our readers are trying and enjoying the recipes posted here on the Texas Pepper Jelly blog!

The other day, I got this email from a reader:

Just want to thank you for the tip about the pepper jelly stirfry mentioned in your blog recently.  I’ve made it twice now…we both love it, and with slight modification, it’s very Weight Watcher friendly.  There are so many ways to prepare chicken that I could eat it every day, but David’s tolerance for it is much lower than mine.  So I was glad that he enjoyed this recipe.

I found another recipe in that same collection that I want to try next week:  pork stew with pepper jelly as one ingredient, made in the slow cooker.  Sounds yummy!

Thank you, Betty, for telling us that.

Ordinary recipes can easily be livened up by using Texas Pepper Jelly in addition to, or instead of, other ingredients.  Sometimes, Texas Pepper Jelly can make all the difference in the world, concerning attitudes about foods such as fruitcake a certain recipe.

Speaking of fruitcake, watch this space!  You won’t believe it when you see it!

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