mondaymunchiesFlavored coffees, teas, juices, punches, and ciders are very popular, and they’re popular because they’re so yummy good.  Texas Pepper Jelly – every single kind! – is an excellent and inexpensive way to stir some spice into your cup of hot tea, your glass of iced tea, your mug of hot cocoa, your punch bowl, your mug of cider (hot or cold) and even your big glass of cola!

Give it a try, why don’tcha.  My husband’s favorite drink these days is hot tea with a spoonful of Peach Habanero melted in it, and he’s not found a Texas Pepper Jelly flavor he’s not liked, yet!  The peach is his favorite in hot tea, though.  My daughter loves to stir some Cherry Jalapeno into her Sprite, and my son has experimented with all of the flavors in, um, certain drinks which his mother certainly did not teach him to use.  They’re sure good, though!  He tells me that some Blackberry Jalapeno Pepper Jelly stirred into a glass of blackberry wine is fit for a king.

Last night, we stirred some Texas Passion Pepper Jelly in our plain black coffee, and it was FANTASTIC.

Why not order a Mixed Case of Texas Pepper Jelly, and do some experimenting of your own?

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