DSCF5100 Whenever the weather’s been fine, we’ve tried to have a cookout at least once a week, usually on Sunday. And now that we’ve discovered Texas Rib Candy, it’s become a necessary, absolutely must-have part of all our cookouts.

Last night, we just grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, but Rib Candy is good on any kind of meat. I put some in the baked beans along with the Texas Pepper Jelly, and the beans were better than ever. Really, the only thing I don’t put Rib Candy on is corn on the cob, and my kids do even that.

Actually, corn on the cob with Rib Candy is better for them than the usual butter-ribcandysmand-salt, because Rib Candy has no salt in it, just natural ingredients.

In case you’re wondering, our deck isn’t usually this messy. Tim was embarrassed, but I’m posting the picture anyway, because I like it. When I look at it, I think “Let’s stop cleaning the yard and deck for a while and have another cookout before the weather turns cold,” and I don’t mind the mess then, a bit.

Besides, we need to use up all the leftover pepper jellies and BBQ sauce so we can feel justified in ordering another huge batch for the autumn cookouts!

Oh, there are all kinds of BBQ sauces in the stores, of course, but none of them can hold a candle to Craig’s BBQCraig's BBQ Sauce sauce. It’s so delicious – there’s no comparison to any other brand. They lose. Craig’s BBQ sauce wins. Every single time. Our guests are nuts about it. Our kids won’t eat any other kind. Tim will, but he complains if it isn’t Craig’s. And now that we know about Craig’s BBQ Sauce, there won’t ever BE any other kind of barbecue sauce in our house. Or in our yard.

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