mondaymunchiesA peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a simple thing, but almost everybody loves them!  They’re easy to whip up, fairly nutritious, and very filling – all in all, a  perfect munchie!

My kids love PB&J, and since we’ve discovered Texas Pepper Jelly, they love to use THAT, instead of plain ol fruit jam, on their sandwiches.  A peanut butter and PEPPER JELLY sandwich is a taste bud delight.  Next time your kids ask for a PB&J, why not give them a real treat and use your favorite Texas Pepper Jelly on it?  PB&PJ!!!

It took my family by surprise the first time, but now?  They don’t want their PB&J made any other way!

PB&PJ:  Could a nutritious munchie BE any simpler?

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