mondaymunchies If your refrigerator looks anything like mine, on the inside, it’s full of containers of leftover Christmas feast: I’ve got a little turkey, a little dressing, and six or seven containers of various vegetables. There’s also about a third of a chocolate cake on top of the breadbox.

I packed my husband’s lunch last night: he’s having, as so many people will be having today, turkey sandwiches. However, he will find, at the bottom of his lunch bag, a very small container of Texas Rib Candy to make his sandwich EXTRA YUMMY. I usually use Rib Candy for cooking (grilling, actually) but truth be told, Rib Candy is an awesomely delicious condiment for a leftover turkey sandwich.

I don’t plan to have a turkey sandwich for my own lunch, but I do plan to pour some Rib Candy on a helping of turkey and heat it in the microwave. I’m really looking forward to it, in fact. (It will also make the entire house smell wonderful!)

All weekend we’ve all been snacking on crackers and Texas Pepper Jelly; when we clean out the pepper jelly in the center of the try, we refill it with another flavor. There’s no more pepper jelly in the house, though, so I really need to order more. The Rib Candy is almost gone, too.

That’s the problem with Texas Pepper Jelly products. They’re so darn good, people can’t stop eating them until they’re gone and we have no choice but to stop.

P.S. Pepper Jelly is fantastic on leftover dressing, too. Really.
P.P.S. Don’t tell my family, but I’ve got about a third of a jar of Pineapple Habanero hidden behind the tall ketchup bottle on the middle refrigerator shelf. Shhh, it’s a secret.

It’s MINE!