Okay, pepper jelly fans, November is over and it’s officially holiday time! December is the month for several different holiday celebrations, and Texas Pepper Jelly products are excellent gifts and table accessories! What’s a refrigerator without pepper jelly in it?

Texas Pepper Jelly has many gift ideas for the people you love best. After all, people get lots of socks, candles, mugs, belts, and ornaments at holiday time; why not be the gift-giver who chooses something any recipient would love best? Anybody can order a shirt off the internet; be the person who orders an assortment of delicious pepper jellies or Rib Candies for the people you buy gifts for!

When you start making your holiday gift lists, don’t forget to put some Texas Pepper Jelly products after each name. Once your friends and family get a taste of a Texas Pepper Jelly product, they’ll never put anything else on a biscuit.

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