It’s almost Halloween, which means we’re just heading into the official Holiday Season, and Holiday Season means it’s time to start laying in supplies for all those holiday meals, reunions, gatherings, and parties!

Aaaaand, what’s any meal, reunion, gathering, or party without plenty of Texas Pepper Jelly products! Our pepper jellies, BBQ sauce, Rib Candies, etc, don’t just improve any and every meal – they MAKE those meals, that’s what!

When you order an assortment of Texas Pepper Jelly products, you don’t get a set amount of this flavor and a set amount of that flavor, carved in stone. When you order an assortment of Texas Pepper Jelly products, YOU choose which flavors you want, and how many of each. Order one of one flavor and five of another. All one flavor. Two of each. One of each. You’re the boss of your flavor selection at Texas Pepper Jelly!

We here at Texas Pepper Jelly love the holidays. Grilling season might be over in some areas of the country because of the weather, but if you’re still able to cook outdoors, we’ve got the products you need. And if you’ll be doing most of your holiday cooking indoors because of weather of a different sort, Texas Pepper Jelly products are just as delicious when used indoors in the kitchen as they are when used outdoors on a grill!

Now, let’s you and me get ourselves over to the Texas Pepper Jelly website and do some holiday ordering!

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