Spring weather is unpredictable, but the calendar doesn’t lie: Spring is definitely here. Uncover your outdoor grill, clean off the winter crud, and let the sunshine on it.

Yes, Spring is here, and it’s time to order grilling supplies, the most important of which are, of course, the products you can only get from Texas Pepper Jelly.

Our pepper jellies are perfect for grilling. Brush some over your ribs, your burgers, your vegetables. . . whatever’s on the grill is improved with a little pepper jelly.

Of course, you can do the same thing with all of our products. Our grilling sauces make any cookout complete. Completely perfect, that is.

Spring signals the beginning of outdoor grilling season. Make sure you’ve got plenty of Texas Pepper Jelly products so you can start right in. No cookout is complete without Texas Pepper Jelly!

Craig’s BBQ Sauce is the best you can get, too. Better order some of that.

Whether you’ve got an elaborate outdoor kitchen setup or a simple five-dollar tabletop grill, everything you cook will taste better with some Texas Pepper Jelly products!

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