TexasChristmasListen up!  You’ve got four more days to order if you want to receive your gift items before Christmas!  Yes, Thursday of this week is the last day.

Don’t get me wrong: you can order from Texas Pepper Jelly ANY TIME, but if you want to receive your order before Christmas, you’ll have to get busy and do your ordering within the next few days.

That’s December 17th!  After that, we can’t guarantee that your order will arrive in time for Christmas.

Here is the big boss Craig Sharry himself, with some information about the Texas Pepper Jelly newsletter, holiday deliveries, and gift pack selection:

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I hate the to be the one to break the bad news, but somebody has to be the bad guy. December 17 is the deadline for Texas Pepper Jelly to be able to ship your orders in time for Christmas. I know, I know, you have so much shopping left to do. It hardly seems fair, but in order for us to package your orders with all of our wonderful products then get them to USPS so that they can be delivered on time for Christmas means we have to have a deadline. This time of year shipping Parcel Post can delay the timely arrival of your packages. So order now. Then you can rest easy because your gift should arrive in time.
Also remember that Texas Pepper Jelly is the place to do all of your Christmas shopping. With a great selection of jellies and other cooking products to choose from how can you go wrong. You can order individual flavors or save money and order a bundle. Maybe you want something more than just a jar of jelly to give as a gift. That is real easy just go to our Bundle page and choose from several options. What we do different from other companies is we let you choose the flavors for your bundle. WOW!  Most places just want to sell you what they want you to have. We want to sell you what you want and that makes us your one stop online for all of your Christmas shopping.
A great thing about our products is they are quick and easy to use. Another thing that is quick and easy is our newsletter sign up. Tell your friends about it. Then they can get their own copy every month. We often offer wonderful TPJ exclusive recipes. These exclusive recipes will have your friends and family wanting you to cook all of their meals.
Be sure to watch for next month’s newsletter. There is a good chance we will be introducing another new product.
As always thank you for shopping at Texas Pepper Jelly.

Until next time,

Craig Sharry

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