. . . and it’s the last day you can order anything and get it before Christmas.  You’ll be seeing pretty much this same message all over the internet, for every online business.

Fortunately, it’s not the 17th yet, and there is still time to choose your Texas Pepper Jelly gift and have it sent to your friends and family members!

TexasChristmasThere are so many ways to use Texas Pepper Jelly, but may I remind y’all that one of the simplest of all recipes is also the tastiest and most useful to know when company comes or your family just wants a delicious snack.

Just pour a jar of any kind of Texas Pepper Jelly over a brick of cream cheese, and set out some crackers.

How easy can taste bud nirvana get?

Now, click over to the Texas Pepper Jelly website and finish your Christmas shopping by choosing unique, delicious gifts that your friends will actually love!

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