There are many differences between a Texas Pepper Jelly gift package and everybody else’s gift packages, and all of these differences are positive!

First of all, our gift packages are quite affordable – you’ll get more than your money’s worth.

Next, our gift packages are delicious, nutritious, colorful, and unique. Your gift will be the recipient’s favorite, no holds barred.

Finally, we are the only company – that we know of – that allows our customers to, well, customize any and all of our gift packages. Most companies want to sell you a pre-packed gift box with flavors, etc, chosen for the convenience of the business.

Texas Pepper Jelly wants to send you a gift box packed with the flavors of your own choosing. That’s right – your gift box will be personalized by YOU, not by us. Choose a variety of flavors, choose all one flavor, choose any kind of mix you want. Key word: YOU.

Texas Pepper Jelly has several awesome gift packages, awaiting your choice of flavors. Order by December 18 and you’ll get your package before Christmas.

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