We have probably all heard of brisket at some point in our lives. Maybe we were lucky enough to have a family member who slaved over it for delicious meals when we were kids or knew someone who’s grandma’s brisket was the best in the neighborhood. Some of us may ‘kinda, sorta’ have an idea of where it comes from but wouldn’t have the foggiest idea on how to pick it out and even less idea of what to do with it once we got it home. So if someone asked you why you need brisket seasoning you may just give them a weird look and go on with your day.

But to the grill masters, those men and women who dedicate themselves to delicious, mouth-watering perfection off of their BBQ grills, the answer to the why do we need brisket seasoning is a no-brainer. Why do we ever add things to our grilling? To make it taste awesome of course!

But first, let’s just get this out of the way. Brisket is a tough cut of meat. It comes from the rich chest muscle of the cow and is one of the less lean (a nice way of saying tough) pieces of meat that you can buy. But buy it they do and cooking it, while needing patience and know-how, can lead to meat that is loaded with flavor and melt in your mouth goodness.

Brisket can be braised, smoked or slowly roasted. This is not a meat that you just cook and enjoy, it is one that you have to put work into. It is a rags to riches story if you will—cheap meat becomes the star of the BBQ show.  The trick to a great brisket is to take your time and let it cook very slowly, making the once tough piece soft and heightening the flavor. This is where the seasoning comes into play. Craig’s secret spice formula that took years to perfect is now available for your next brisket. Not only is it award winning, but it will give your brisket the push it needs to be fantastic, and who doesn’t want that? With just the right blend of ingredients, this seasoning can kick that meat up a notch from great to incredible.

But wait, brisket seasoning isn’t something that can only be used for one cut of meat. On the contrary, its ingredients add that special something to make any beef cut sizzle! Once you use it once chances are you will never go back to boring spices again. That’s what makes it a winner and must-have for anyone who wants their guests coming back for more, and any grill master will tell you that’s the name of the game!

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