feastoffridaysI’m a big fan of those biscuit mix recipes.  When you jazz ’em up with your own touches, they always seem like homemade masterpieces to me.

I’m also very lazy, especially in the morning.  That’s one reason I love to fix breakfast casseroles.  Another reason is that my family LOVES them.

This one is their favorite:

Texas-Style Spicy Breakfast Pie


1 pound thoroughly cooked pork sausage OR 1 pound thoroughly cooked bacon

1 huge chopped onion (my husband loves onions)

3 eggs

1 cup skim milk (any kind of milk will do; we just happen to like skim milk.)

1 cup shredded Taco cheese

1/2 cup bixcuit mix, such as Bisquick

Texas Habanero Salsa

Sour cream

What to do:

Spoon sausage or bacon into greased casserole or pie pan.  Top with chopped onion and cheese.

In medium bowl, mix the milk and eggs, and gradually whisk in baking mix.  Pour mixture over the meat and cheese in the casserole or pie pan.

Bake in a 400 degree oven for about a half hour; after twenty minutes, check every few minutes with a butter knife.  When the knife comes out clean, the breakfast pie is done.

Let it stand about fifteen minutes before you try to cut it; the slices will be firmer.

Serve with salsa and sour cream.

Don’t look for any leftovers.

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