Often, the best-tasting foods are a result of the easiest recipes! It’s true, and tonight your family could be sitting down to a fantastic meal, thanks to Texas Pepper Jelly.

Our products provide ways that make your cooking easier and more flavorful.

If you ordered today, the mailman can deliver a box of incredible delights to your door in just a few short days. Among the delicious-looking treasures you can purchase, and receive in that box, can be a jar of our Berry Medley Habanero Pepper Jelly.

Here is a quick way to use it in a crock-pot dish.

Thaw half a pork tenderloin and cut it into medallions. Place them into your crock-pot. Pour about a half-cup of Berry Medley Pepper Jelly over the medallions and add a sliced onion, put the lid on the pot, and walk away. It’s going to slow-cook on low all day, so be patient. It will be soaking in the Berry Medley Pepper Jelly and getting so tender, you’ll be able to cut it with the side of a fork.

Add to this some potato salad and baked beans – you can use Mango Sweet Rib Candy in the beans – but be prepared, because you’re going to have to bar the door to keep the neighbors out of your dining room.

Texas Pepper Jelly products are absolutely wonderful. You’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without them!

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