Don’t be one of those people who serve the same old snacks at every get-together or party!  Give your guests something different, something awesome, something absolutely delicious!  Give them something to talk about!

A little Texas Pepper Jelly over the cream cheese will turn the world’s simplest dip into a work of art: something so delicious, your guests will be talking about it the next day, and the next.

The world’s simplest dip is also one of the world’s tastiest dips, you know.  Just crank it up a notch, and use Texas Pepper jelly instead of sweet jelly or jam, and you’ll give your guests a real treat!  Throw a variety of crackers on the tray, and step back: the stampede will begin shortly.

If you’re dieting, use Neufchatel cheese.  It tastes exactly the same as cream cheese, without the calories!

(Yes, that’s my table, and my tray, and my crackers, and my Neufchatel cheese, and MY PEPPER JELLY.  And, I might add, a good time was had by all, that night. . . .)

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