The snow here is four feet high, the roads are covered with ice, all the schools are closed, and my house smells so good nobody wants to leave it anyway.

My crockpot is full of pork chops, sliced onions, and Craig’s BBQ Sauce. That’s it – it’s one of my family’s favorite main dishes and it’s just that simple.

So often, the best recipes are the simplest ones, remember.

Just fill your crockpot with pork chops, or sliced tenderloin, or any kind of sliced pork or cutlets, dump about two cups of Craig’s BBQ Sauce over them and sprinkle a handful of diced onion over it all.

Set your crockpot to “low” and let the aroma permeate your home and your senses until nobody in the house can WAIT until it’s finally supper time.

Put the bottle of Craig’s BBQ Sauce on the table, as everyone will want to add more. You can’t have too much Craig’s BBQ Sauce on your pork chops, you know.

This works with chicken, too. In case you were wondering.


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