texaspepperjellytipsHere’s another quick and easy Texas Pepper Jelly tip!

If you need a spicy, healthy snack and you need it FAST, here’s what to do:

Just take a package of nuts – any kind, really, but my family loves mixed nuts best – and mix some Texas Pepper Jelly with them.

Here’s how:  Just put the nuts and pepper jelly in a bowl and mix.  Spread mixture onto a cookie sheet and put it in the oven for a few minutes.

You can also glaze the nuts in a frying pan, but you can’t leave it even for a second; keep stirring until the nuts begin to shine!

Remove from heat, let cool, and stand back.

My son puts these in oatmeal, too, but he’s the only one in the family who goes quite that far.  He says it’s absolutely delicious.

(This works with any flavor of pepper jelly!)

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