texaspepperjellytips Texas Pepper Jelly is proud to announce a new product, and it’s so awesomely good I’m going to let the big boss himself, Craig Sharry, tell you about it:

Hello Texas Pepper Jelly fans.  I hope this newsletter finds everyone happy and doing well.  Charlynn and I are doing fine and looking forward to a busy summer.

After months of testing I am happy to announce our newest Texas Pepper Jelly product.  Now available:  Texas Rib Candy. This new product is fantastic. It is the easiest thing I have used on ribs in a long time.  Not only is it easy, it is a winner as well.  Every time I have used it during competition I have placed, and that, my friends, is what it is all about.    I love it, judges love it and I know you will love it as well.  It as easy to use as opening the bottle and pouring. It really is that simple.

Our initial plan was to create a product that was not just good on ribs, but a product that was “great” on ribs.  Well we did that.  This product makes any kind of rib a winner.  You can use it on spare ribs, baby backs or country style.  All you need to do is pour it on the rib the last 15 minutes of cooking time.  If you want a more robust flavor add it your ribs when you wrap them in foil.  Then add again the last 15 minutes, and  then sit back and watch those ribs disappear.  Your friends and family will think you slaved hours to make something this good.

The best thing is,  our plan provided a bonus we never thought about.  Texas Rib Candy is great on everything.  This stuff makes chicken rock.  Pork Butt just loves it.  And don’t forget to try it on ice cream.  The best part is you can just open and pour.  Honestly, that’s about as easy as it gets.

So here’s the deal.  July 4th is just around the corner.  Order your Texas Rib Candy today and be the hit of the summer BBQ party.  Amaze your friends.  Impress your family.  Be the hit on your block with your bbq ribs. But you must order now to ensure delivery before the holiday.

Order Now!

As always, it has been a pleasure to serve you our customers.  I hope you enjoy our newsletter and if you have not tried our product, what are you waiting for?  Trust me, you’re going to love it!

Until next time,

Craig Sharry

PS … I almost forgot.  Texas Rib Candy also comes in three fantastic flavors.  Apple Habanero, Apple Cherry Habanero and Mango Habanero.  Be sure to try one of each!

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