Rib Candy is Dessert for your Grill

We here at Texas Pepper Jelly are just simply delighted by the way our Texas Rib Candy, is flying off the shelves!

These three flavors seem to be equally popular:

Oh, and for those who’d rather have their Rib Candy without the peppers, we have two awesome sauces for you. Apple Cinnamon Rib Candy is a very popular one!

In other words, Texas Pepper Jelly wants to accommodate you all – or, as we say in Texas, “y’all.” Rib Candy is perfect for those of you who love the kick of habanero, and Rib Candy is also perfect for those of you who prefer their sauces without the heat.

We’re working on a bottle of Apple Cherry Habanero right now (there’s about an inch left in the bottle) and we have a bottle of the heat-free Apple Cinnamon Rib Candy packaged up for mom because her mouth can’t “take” the heat. 🙂

Rib Candy. It’s dessert for your grill. Seriously. Oh, and don’t think it’s JUST for ribs; it’s equally awesome on chicken, pork, beef, veal. . . heck, it would probably make your frog legs and grilled camel taste fantastic, too.

Our friends were here today. We didn’t cook out, but we hid the remains of our Rib Candy behind the milk, just in case. A word of advice, when it comes to Texas Rib Candy, don’t trust anybody to keep their hands off it.

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