Rib Candy; a Food Experience Like No Other

Rib Candy six-pack a variety of the many options availableTexas Rib Candy is an experience like no other. If you like to have cookouts, or just grill out the meal’s meat, a supply of Rib Candy is not a luxury – it’s a necessity!

There are many flavors of Rib Candy to choose from, and since they’re all absolutely delicious, take my advice and just order them all. Your family will thank you, and you’ll be pretty happy about all those choices, yourself.

As our CEO himself, Craig Sharry, says, Rib Candy is “the bomb.” He’s right, too. It’s a pourable, brushable sauce that can be used at any time during the cooking process, or just poured over the top after you’re finished grilling. You can use it in a regular oven or microwave, too. In fact, you can even just put the bottles on the table and let everybody use them like ketchup, each to his own flavor preference.

You’ll find, though, that if you pour or brush Rib Candy onto your pork, chicken, lamb, loin, ribs, whatever, and let it sizzle, you’ll end up with the main dish that people will ask for by name next time you fire up the grill. Texas Rib Candy is just simply awesome.

Choose your flavor; Texas Pepper Jelly makes Rib Candy in multiple blends: Apple Habanero, Apple Cherry Habanero, Mango Habanero, Peachy Peach, Pineapple, Black Cheery Grape, Apple n’ Brown Sugar, and Apple Cinnamon. Most are sweet and spicy. We have a few non-pepper-spicy, like our sweet Apple Cinnamon, but hey, cinnamon is a spice!

The more you buy, the more you save. Stock up for those summer barbecues now!

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