Texas Pepper Jelly has so many fantastic products that it’s hard each week to single out only one to highlight! There is no such thing as a Texas Pepper Jelly product that’s better than the others, so all I can do is talk about them one at a time, each time promising you that that one, like all the others, is superior in every way.

Craig Sharry is the world’s best developer of grilling products, and whenever he comes up with something new, kitchens all over the world start to rock harder. The newest Texas Pepper Jelly product is Craig’s Apple N Brown Sugar Rib Candy.

Texas Pepper Jelly’s brand-new rib candy, Apple N Brown Sugar, is a pourable, brushable grilling sauce that can be used at any time during the cooking process. It can also be poured over the top after the meat has finished cooking. Like all of our rib candies, our newest flavor is the perfect blend of sweet and heat. All of our rib candies go beautifully with pork, beef, chicken, lamb, and vegetables as well. Grilling fruit? Rib candy works with fruit, too.

Oh, and you customers who enjoy some rib candy incorporated into pies and over ice cream? Our new Apple N Brown Sugar Rib Candy is fantastic there, too!

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