sleightin2sm What? Is it time to start planning for the holidays already?

It sure is.

You know, when people send a gift long distance, it’s usually pretty much the same things: flowers, gift cards, or the like. Why not be the person whose long-distance gift stands out from the rest?

Texas Pepper Jelly has several classy and awesome gift tins, for holidays and for the rest of the year, to choose from. Most gift tins give the giver little or no choice as to content, but if you order your gift tins from us, YOU get to choose your flavors. Make ’em all the same or mix ’em up!

Sure, it’s early to think about the holidays, but why not get it all done at once, with us? We’ll mail out your gifts whenever you say. Plus, if you’re planning to mail a gift overseas, now truly IS the time to think about it.

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