We Recommend Snake River Farms

Our products here at Texas Pepper Jelly are the best – the very best – and to make the most of the very best grilling products, why not use the very best meats for grilling? We highly recommend the meat from Snake River Farms.

As you no doubt already know, filet mignon is just about the tenderest, most flavorful cut of beef anyone can buy today, and we’ve not found any filet mignon better than Snake River Farms.

All of their cuts are wonderful, but this beautiful cut of beef is to die for!

Well, except that you won’t want to die – you’ll want to live forever and eat Snake River Farms filet mignon every day. As often as possible, anyway.

Each steak is expertly aged and hand-cut by an expert. Your steaks will ship frozen and arrive chilled or partially frozen – in other words, ready to throw on that grill!

In fact, Snake River Farms has several different cuts of beef, all perfection-on-a-grill! Try them all!

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