DSCF3101We had guests for dinner on New Year’s Day, and here is the cracker/dip tray I set out.

Remember, often the most delicious things are also the simplest things.  That dip in the middle of the tray is just cream cheese and Texas Pineapple Habanero Pepper Jelly.

It was a hit, too.

Here’s proof:  My best friend Janice had never tasted pepper jelly before, and she ended up eating most of it and taking the rest home with her!  I also sent a Texas Pepper Jelly sampler tin home with her, to “hold” her until her Texas Pepper Jelly order is delivered to her house.

DSCF3102Janice is awesome, and she pronounced the Texas Pineapple Habanero pepper jelly awesome as well.

She’s right.  It is.

I can’t keep it in the house; it mysteriously disappears as quickly as it’s taken out of the cardboard box it was delivered in.

Already I need to order some more.

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