When it comes to mixing Texas Pepper Jelly and Jello, there are all kinds of possibilities. If we’re talking about a gathering that includes children, that’s one thing. If we’re talking about a gathering that’s adults-only, that’s quite another thing.

Let’s talk about both, because there’s really only a slight difference. That difference, however, packs quite a punch!

Use any flavor of Jello and any flavor of Texas Pepper Jelly except Pineapple Habanero. That’s because gelatin and pineapple don’t mix – it’s a science thing.

Open the box of Jello and mix according to the directions on the box. After you add the hot water, add a half cup of pepper jelly. Mix well. If you’re fixing this for a gather that includes children, all you need to do is to pour the mixture into little individual cups and put them in the refrigerator. Your dessert will be ready in a few hours.

However, if your guest list is adults-only, add a cup of vodka or rum. Or maybe a few of one and a few of the other. Pour into tiny cups or shot glasses and put them in the refrigerator.

Jello shots - Texas style!
Jello shots – Texas style!

My husband has a special liking for strawberry habanero jello shots, which use strawberry Jello, Strawberry Habanero pepper jelly, and vodka. I like to match the Jello and pepper jelly flavors, but you don’t have to. Mixing them up is delicious, too.

Please remember that if there are children in your house, you shouldn’t add the alcohol to the spicy jello. If there are no children involved, heads up!

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