It’s Super Bowl time, so get those steaks out of the freezer!

Weather permitting, some of you will be using your backyard grill, while others are forced by freezing temperatures and falling snow to do your grilling in the kitchen. Whether you are outside, inside, grilling, or broiling, nothing beats a good steak in any context, and the Super Bowl gives us all an excuse to show our creative sides with all kinds of recipes!

As for my house, we (all but one, that is) like our steaks medium, with just a shade of pink inside, and we don’t use steak sauce. The one exception likes his blood rare.

Ahem. No steak sauce. We use Texas Pepper Jelly.

Well, most of us use Texas Pepper Jelly on our steaks. One of us uses Craig’s BBQ Sauce, and my son – he who likes blood in his plate – likes his with Rib Candy.

As my daughter has said many times, why bother with steak sauce when you can have a Texas Pepper Jelly steak?

Your Super Bowl people will need a meal along with all those awesome snack foods you’re setting out. Pull some steaks out of the freezer, set out the Texas Pepper Jelly and whatever other Texas Pepper Jelly products you’ve got in the pantry or fridge, and give your family and friends an evening of food they’ll remember long after they’ve forgotten who won or lost a football game.

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