Poke cakes are so easy, and so much fun to make, too. You can make a delicious poke cake with any of our Texas Pepper Jelly products, but my kids like Strawberry Habanero Poke Cake best.

Strawberry Habanero Poke Cake is my children's favorite poke cake!
Strawberry Habanero Poke Cake is my children’s favorite poke cake!

Poke cake is so simple – you can use any kind of cake – I use a mix (don’t judge me!) and for strawberry poke cake, white, yellow, or strawberry cake mix are what my kids like best. The last time I made this cake, I used a yellow cake mix.

Follow the directions on the box of cake mix and pour into a rectangular baking dish. Bake according to the guidelines on the box. Remove from oven and let cool only slightly.

Remove the lid from a 12-ounce jar of Texas Pepper Jelly’s Strawberry Habanero pepper jelly and place in microwave for 30 seconds. While the pepper jelly is warming up, take an ice pick or other sharp object and poke holes all over the cake.

Pour the warm pepper jelly over the cake and spread evenly with butter knife or the back of a spoon. Don’t force the pepper jelly into the holes, but be sure each hole is well covered by pepper jelly.

Let the cake cool completely before cutting. The pepper jelly will spread throughout the cake via the holes and will be attractive to see when cut, and delicious to devour!

My husband likes Pineapple Habanero poke cake best, so maybe I’ll make one of those next time.

Getting back to the Strawberry Habanero poke cake – fresh strawberries are not in season here, not yet, but I like to slide some and place them over the pepper jelly before serving. Expensive as out-of-season berries may be, they really make a cake look like something you fussed over all afternoon instead of the super-simple Texas Pepper Jelly poke cake you’re serving!

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