Whenever we have vegetables, which ought to be every meal but it isn’t always, I save even the smallest amount of leftovers in a freezer bag. Sometimes, when the bag is full, I make soup, but depending on the type of vegetables, sometimes I make stir-fry.

Almost every Texas Pepper Jelly product can be added to your stir-fry vegetables and/or rice.

February's leftover vegetables - finally enough for stir-fry!
February’s leftover vegetables – finally enough for stir-fry!

What’s in our stir-fry this time? Well, this will give you an idea of what kind of sides we had with our dinners this month.


There is anywhere from a few tablespoons to a quarter cup of each of these ingredients.

1 tablespoon olive oil
green pepper
red pepper
sugar snap peas
regular peas
green beans
1 cup rice, any kind

I usually add some leftover meat to the mixture; this time, I had a half cup of scallops.

What to do:

Put the rice in your rice cooker. After about ten minutes, put all the other ingredients in your largest frying pan.

While the rice is steaming in the cooker, stir all your other ingredients constantly. Everything is already thoroughly cooked, so all you really need to do is stir it around until it’s hot.

When the rice is cooked, and the stir-fry is hot, turn off all the heat. To the vegetables, still in the frying pan, add a cup of Texas Rib Candy, any flavor.

All of our Rib Candy flavors work with stir-fry!
All of our Rib Candy flavors work with stir-fry!

This is a wonderful way to use up those leftover vegetables and meats; even a spoonful or two is worth saving. Just add it to your freezer bag of leftovers until you get enough for a meal!

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