shrimp Oh, we’ve said this so many times, but it bears saying again: so often, the simplest recipes are the best!

Shrimp is delicious, and always a hit with both family and guests. Seafood sauce is good, but it isn’t the only sauce that goes well with shrimp.

No matter what kind of shrimp you serve – boiled, grilled, fried, whatever! – there is just nothing so good as that shrimp dipped in Texas Pepper Jelly or Rib Candy.

In fact, we often buy a bag of cooked, frozen shrimp, lay it out over ice in a punch bowl, and just set out little bowls of every kind of pepper jelly – and one bowl with Rib Candy.

If you’re grilling the shrimp, pepper jelly, and Rib Candy makes for some fabulous marinade!

Every single time we serve shrimp and pepper jelly, we get compliments. It’s just simply delicious.

DELICIOUS. Shrimp and Texas Pepper Jelly. Shrimp and Rib Candy.

Plain old seafood sauce can’t even begin to compete.

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