shrimp Oh, I’ve said this so many times, but it bears saying again: so often, the simplest recipes are the best!

Shrimp are delicious, and always a hit with both family and guests. Seafood sauce is good, but it isn’t the only sauce that goes well with shrimp.

No matter what kind of shrimp you serve – boiled, grilled, fried, whatever! – there is just nothing so good as that shrimp dipped in Texas Pepper Jelly or Rib Candy.

In fact, I often buy a bag of cooked, frozen shrimp, lay it out over ice in a punch bowl, and just set out little bowls of every kind of pepper jelly – and one bowl with Rib Candy – that’s in my refrigerator, and stand back.

If you’re grilling the shrimp, pepper jelly and Rib Candy make for some fabulous marinade!

Every single time I serve shrimp and pepper jelly, I get compliments. It’s just simply delicious.

DELICIOUS. Shrimp and Texas Pepper Jelly. Shrimp and Rib Candy.

Plain old seafood sauce can’t even begin to compete.