We mention this on our blog a lot, but it’s still true, that often the simplest recipes are the best!

Now that the hot summer weather is here to stay, here is a recipe that couldn’t be simpler or more delicious!

We call this Raspberry Delight, but your family might have other ideas, all of them referring to something so good, there really isn’t a name descriptive enough to do it justice!

Did we mention that it’s super simple?

Here’s how to do it:

Ingredients: Texas Pepper Jelly Raspberry Habanero jelly jar

What to do:

Put the berries in a bowl and add the pepper jelly. Mix well.

Now you can spread it on toast, bread, rolls, etc.

A different way you can use it is to put the mixture in popsicle molds, freeze them, and give your kids (of all ages) a hot-weather treat like no other!

Put it on ice cream. Texas Pepper Jelly Peach Habanero jelly jar

We like to eat this out of a bowl, with a spoon, after it’s been thoroughly chilled. Our friends like to do the same, only they prefer it at room temperature. 

We also like it on hot toast!

You can create this with all of our pepper jelly flavors and their respective fresh fruits. You can mix them up, too. When fresh peaches are in season we will be in heaven. We’re already talking about fresh peaches mixed with Peach Habanero Pepper Jelly.

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