mondaymunchies Here’s another reminder to y’all that so often, it’s the simplest possible thing that is also the yummy best!

I went to a reception today and the most popular food on the buffet table was the large platter of cheeses.

That’s “cheeses.” Plural. People were clustering around this gigantic platter of assorted cheeses, slathering them with pepper jelly and regular jelly, and practically inhaling them!

How simple can it get? It was just a big platter covered with slices of all kinds of cheeses, each with a toothpick stuck in it for easy grabbin’.

I’m definitely doing this for my next company dinner. My husband has to bring “something unique” to his school pitch-in next week, too, and guess what: he’s going to be bringing this same cheese platter.

I think there were about eight different kinds of cheese on the platter today. I’ll be limited; this is a small town, but even so, I think I can manage several kinds of cheese for Tim’s contribution to the pitch-in. And when I do it for myself, here at home, I’ll do my cheese-buying in the city, where’s there will be more of a selection.

It was simply delicious. Cheese and pepper jelly. Mmmmm, good.

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