Texas Pepper Jelly My box of Texas Pepper Jelly arrived while my Gulf Coast cousins were visiting, and I was thrilled! I knew they liked spicy foods, and I knew that one of my cousins actually made her own pepper jelly, and I was positive they would both agree that Texas Pepper Jelly was the best EVER.

And, I was right!

They were with me when the box arrived, and we brought it into the house immediately, and they passed the jars around, commenting on how pretty the pepper jelly looked in the sunlight. “It’s more than just pretty,” I told them.

So, I got out a brick of cream cheese, cut it into four chunks (I was in a hurry to show off the Texas Pepper Jelly) and poured a little pepper jelly over each piece of cream cheese. I opened a box of Ritz crackers and some wheat thins, and we all jumped in.

My daughter arrived in the middle of this pepper jelly orgy and I could tell by the look on her face that she was thinking, “you got more pepper jelly and didn’t tell me!”

We shared with her.

Four people literally licked that tray clean. My daughter hinted broadly that she would like to take home the opened jars, but this time I put my foot down and kept them.

I am serious when I tell you all that Texas Pepper Jelly is the best pepper jelly on the face of the earth. People from the Gulf Coast, who made their own, agreed: nothing they had ever made or bought in Mississippi held a candle to Texas Pepper Jelly.

Guess what we had for lunch when we returned from the airport today. . . . . peanut butter and pepper jelly sandwiches. And Fritos, which are pretty darn good dipped in Pepper Jelly, too.

We might be addicted to Texas Pepper Jelly. Then again, when I think about it, there’s probably no “maybe” about it. Texas Pepper Jelly has become a staple in our home.

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