Memorial Day, Texas style

Memorial Day weekend is upon us – the weekend of family reunions, get-togethers, picnics, cookouts, family, friends, all linked together with memories and fantastic food.

The traditional Memorial Day meal is a cookout, naturally. By this time, we’ve all used our grills and mad outdoor cooking skills several times – we hope. This weekend is really special, though. Memorial Day. Our reunions will be filled with beloved people who are there in body and people who are there in spirit and memory.

And, there will be food. Exceptionally delicious food, too. Here are some of Texas Pepper Jelly’s most beloved picnic recipes.

First of all, the meat. Grilled outdoors, covered with Craig’s BBQ sauce, Texas Pepper Jelly or Rib Candy, and grilled to perfection, over charcoal or gas. Remember, lean meats grill best, as there isn’t as much fat to drip down and cause flareups, and thinner glazes aren’t as likely to burn.

What’s a picnic without Pineapple Sweet Fire Potato Salad, after all?

Don’t count on having any Texas Pepper Jelly cole slaw leftover for tomorrow.

You can’t have a cookout without baked beans!

For dessert, we have several awesome recipes for all kinds of pies and cakes, but for an outdoor cookout, why not make some ice cream? It’s fun and delicious, and you can add the pepper jelly, fruit, or whatever you prefer! (We like it best with both pepper jelly and diced fruit.)

Add these fabulous, delicious Texas Pepper Jelly recipes to the outdoor buffet, let your guests place their contributions there, too, and see which pans empty out the fastest. We’re betting on ours, although anything Grandma brings will come in a close second.

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