Memorial Day 2017 is Monday, May 29, and that’s just a week away. It’s time to start getting ready for that Memorial Day cookout!

For me, Step One is uncovering the grill and cleaning it thoroughly. We cleaned it when we covered it for the winter, but it’s really important that the grill be clean when you start the season. After all, you’ll be eating food that touched that grill!

Most avid cookout people have a gas grill, but we still cling to our charcoal grill. Charcoal is naturally “dirtier” than gas, so maybe that’s the reason for my obsession with a clean grill.

Our gas grill has some age on it now, but we still love it!
Our gas grill has some age on it now, but we still love it!

Step Two is stocking up on Texas Pepper Jelly products. After all, no cookout is complete without them! Craig’s BBQ Sauce, various pepper jellies, Rib Candy, the BBQ injections, etc. . . we stockpile them all because we use them all. And we use them all because our family expects them all, and insists on them all!

Our blog is full of recipes, for cookouts and for kitchen foods. All of our recipes use at least one Texas Pepper Jelly product. All of our cookout recipes work for any kind of grill – whether you’ve got a charcoal grill like mine, or a six-burner deluxe gas grill, or a tiny hibachi. Do you like to camp, and cook over actual wood coals? Our products are delicious in the woods, as well as your back yard or your kitchen.

It’s tradition, in every state, to have a Memorial Day cookout. Make yours even more memorable with Texas Pepper Jelly products!

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