May is National Barbecue Month It’s finally May, and the cold winter is over. With the spring comes the advent of barbecue season, so uncover that grill, clean it well, and let’s start cooking dinner in the back yard!

Remember that when we are barbecuing our supper, we are working with fire, whether it be gas or charcoal. Be sure to have a water source nearby, in case there is an accident. If there are small children nearby, have the hose hooked up and ready. Small children can move like lightning, so be alert whether you’re in charge of the grill, or just waiting for your burger! I can’t stress enough that having a good water supply within a simple arm’s reach is absolutely essential.

The aromas of cooking meats will often attract insects and animals, as well as friends and neighbors. A simple, inexpensive insect-repelling bracelet on all of your dinner guests can prevent the bees and mosquitoes from feasting on your kids! It’s a good idea NOT to wear perfume, cologne, after-shave, or any strong fragrance when you’re going to be outdoors for any length of time. If you smell like flowers, you can’t blame the bees for trying!

Accidents will happen no matter how careful and watchful we are, so have some bandaids and antiseptic nearby. Bites, burns, and the general falling-down and falling-off-things are part of being children. Some of your adults will need a band-aid on occasion, too. Maybe even you. Cooking over a grill can be splattery, and some of those splatterings might really hurt!

Once the blissfully awesome aromas of barbecue start wafting throughout your neighborhood, don’t be surprised if you get unexpected guests. Barbecued meat, combined with fabulous sauces such as Craig’s BBQ Sauce or any of his Texas Pepper Jellies will bring out the hungry people. A child who has to be bribed to eat three bites of a kitchen-cooked hamburger during the winter might devour two, when they’re prepared on a grill and slathered in sauce.

Winter is over. Spring is here. Summer is nigh. Get out the grills and get it ready. You’ll be using it a lot. And while you’re thinking about it, make a list of all the Texas Pepper Jelly products you’ll be needing, and get them ordered. You don’t want to have to go to the store and buy something off the shelf and waste all that excellent meat! Texas Pepper Jelly products will turn your backyard barbecue into a festive occasion!

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