It’s here! The biggest cookout weekend of the year! Labor Day weekend is often the weekend for the last, biggest, and best cookout! We invite friends, family, and everybody in the neighborhood to come break bread and grill meat with us.

It's the biggest and best cookout of the year!
It’s the biggest and best cookout of the year!

Hurricane Harvey notwithstanding, I hope you ordered your Texas Pepper Jelly products in time and that you’ve stocked up for tomorrow! All outdoor cooking extravaganzas are amazing, but there’s just something about Labor Day weekend’s cookouts that are the icing on the cake. Pepper Jelly, Rib Candy, Craig’s BBQ Sauce. . . All the very best cookout sauces to help turn your weekend grilling into a real holiday!

It’ll still be pretty hot outside this Labor Day Weekend in most places, but firing up that grill doesn’t heat up your yard like firing up your stove/oven heats up your house. With some cold side dishes to go with your hot, delicious, Texas Pepper Jelly product-covered grilled meats and vegetables, any and every meal eaten in your backyard, state park picnic area, etc, will absolutely HIT THE SPOT.

Even a simple cookout featuring hamburgers and hog dogs will be indescribably delicious when you use Texas Pepper Jelly products.

Let’s just try to remember basic cookout safety, and also some basic sharing rules, because people are going to see and smell your grilling and it’s hard to be careful when those aromas meet up with intensely hungry people who love good barbecue!

Keep a full bucket of plain water right beside your grill, and NO SHOVING!

Have a wonderful Labor Day – you and everyone you know. Eat hearty!

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