Texas Pepper Jelly strawberry habanero pepper jelly Here is a little hint that is so simple and yet so awesome! Once you start doing this, you’ll never go back. You won’t want to, and your family would call you on it if you did.

Some people (not anyone in my house but, you know, some people) prefer their jellies to be a tiny little bit more on the bland side, yet with still that little kick of Texas Pepper Jelly flair. So, here’s what you do about them.

Take a 2 oz. jar of Texas Pepper Jelly and a two cups of regular ordinary plain ol’ bought-at-the-store jelly of the same flavor, and mix ’em together. There. Jelly with a little bit of a kick.

My family would kill me if I did this, but hey. Some people prefer bland to spicy, yet they still want a little bit of a kick. I do this for my sister and her family, who are obviously not as cool as you but they’re trying.

I usually use strawberry jam and Strawberry Habanero pepper jelly. Why? Well, they love strawberries. And they love strawberry jam. And they love just a little kick.

And now you know exactly how to give them that kick.