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How Texas Pepper Jelly Improved Because of You

Over the years we have focused on bringing the best quality products to the market regarding jellies, glazes, seasonings, and BBQ sauce. We started in 2005 with pineapple pepper jelly (originally made with jalapeno peppers) and never imagined we would be in so many homes, backyards, and restaurant kitchens.

For the past 2 decades, we have been working diligently and have expanded the Texas Pepper Jelly line from just one fabulous jelly to over 40 products. One website to over 100 wholesale store locations and from no restaurants to dozens.

Craig Sharry initially used his jelly on the competition circuit. He gave samples to friends on the circuit asking for feedback and suggestions. He received great feedback and continued to improve his product.

Why was/is it important for TPJ to be improved?

Just like a great recipe, things always have room for improvement. Take our jelly for instance. The jelly initially was made with jalapenos, but it moved to habanero when the market, friends, and customers were looking for something with more kick!

Today, ghost peppers are making a mark on the pepper market. If we hear from enough customers that they are looking for that type of heat…our ears will perk up and take notice.

How about our flavors? We have had flavors come and go due to demand. If we don’t listen to our customers our products could get stale (in more ways than one). We don’t want that for us and especially not for you! So, we continue to improve on the flavors we carry.

Market trends can sometimes just be trends and fads. As a small business owner, Craig keeps his eyes and ears on the pulse of the pepper world so that TPJ can stay at the top of the glaze, sauce, jelly, and seasoning market!

Fast forward to today. While he still gets feedback from friends, he now listens to his followers as well! You all have given great ideas and suggestions to increase the quality of his products as well as the look of his items.

What has Texas Pepper Jelly improved?

Over the past couple of years, if you have been a faithful follower and user of TPJ products, you have seen big changes and additions. While some of these things may seem small to you, they are a big deal for a small business like Texas Pepper Jelly. Many of these are thanks to input from you all:

Single container of Craig's Rib Rub

  • In 2020, Craig added his very tasty seasoning line.
  • In 2020, Craig updated the website.
  • In 2020, Craig started the TPJ Ambassador Program.
  • In 2021, Craig started this Newsletter back up.
  • In 2021, Craig expanded his wholesale to the Canadian Market.
  • In 2021, Craig added new jelly flavors to the lineup.
  • In 2021, Craig started his blog again.
  • In 2021, Craig added a recipe tab to his website.
  • In 2021, Craig added new label designs to his Rib Candy, Bird Bath, and Jelly.
  • In 2022, Craig added dual language (in French Canadian) to his Canadian labels.
  • In 2022, Craig added new label images including Nutritional Facts to his website.
  • In 2022, Craig is putting together some new products you will get to enjoy soon enough…keep your eyes peeled.

Until then, Craig wanted to say thanks for all the support and ideas. He enjoys when the ideas come to fruition, but even more, he enjoys having happy customers. Keep the ideas and creative suggestions coming. You never know when one of yours will end up making the cut!

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