The holidays will soon be here, believe it or not; yes, it’s THAT TIME once again: time to be thinking about gifts for the people you love best.  Of course, you could give the gift of socks and underwear again, but why would you? Is that what you’re hoping everybody gives YOU?  I bet it’s not.

Wouldn’t you rather have something AWESOME under the tree?  Wouldn’t you rather GIVE something awesome, too?  Of course you would!

Might I suggest something from the Texas Pepper Jelly Gift pages?  There are many wonderful, delicious, and different ideas here, and can’t you just see your gift recipient’s eyes lighting up with anticipation when he/she opens your present and sees what you’ve chosen for them?

To sweeten the deal even more:  Texas Pepper Jelly gift packages are remarkably inexpensive. There’s nothing there that’s over $22.00!!

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