Around here the temperatures have been hovering in the sixties, and have even hit the seventies a time or two. It’s time to start stocking up for barbecue season.

If you’ve never ordered Texas Pepper Jelly before, my advice to you would be to order a bundle. Our bundles are superior to any other not only because our products are better but also because YOU get to choose your assortment.

I’ve never EVER found another company that allows each customer to individually choose every single thing in an assortment.

There are many flavors of Texas Pepper Jelly, each one as good as the one before. My family hasn’t found one they didn’t like, yet. Their favorite is Apple Habanero, but they love all the others, too.

So, get your pepper jelly ordered, and in the two or three days you’re waiting for delivery – Texas Pepper Jelly has a VERY short delivery time! – get your grill all cleaned up and ready.

Summer’s coming, and in summer, we BARBECUE!

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