Even a backyard chef needs a good knife, and at Texas Pepper Jelly, you can order the best! We carry Messermeister knives, and I highly recommend them.

Never try to cut or slice in any kind of kitchen, indoors our out, with a dull, inferior knife. A Messermeister knife will last a lifetime, and its sharpness guarantees easy, even cuts. If you have ever tried to cut up meat, be it beef, pork, lamb, chicken, or whatever, with a dull knife, you will understand the necessity of having a good, quality, razor-sharp knife for your culinary work.

I have found that Messermeister’s 12″ Round Tip Slicer is a fantastic knife.

Messermeister's 12
Messermeister’s 12″ Round-Tip Knife, available at Texas Pepper Jellyi!

Why not order more than one? Every chef needs more than one good slicing knife. Every chef also has friends and family who could certainly use a good slicing knife!

This knife is seriously the best I’ve ever used.