Even a backyard chef needs a good knife, and at Texas Pepper Jelly, you can order the best! We carry Messermeister knives, and I highly recommend them.

Never try to cut or slice in any kind of kitchen, indoors our out, with a dull, inferior knife. A Messermeister knife will last a lifetime, and its sharpness guarantees easy, even cuts. If you have ever tried to cut up meat, be it beef, pork, lamb, chicken, or whatever, with a dull knife, you will understand the necessity of having a good, quality, razor-sharp knife for your culinary work.

I have found that Messermeister’s 12″ Round Tip Slicer is a fantastic knife.

Why not order more than one? Every chef needs more than one good slicing knife. Every chef also has friends and family who could certainly use a good slicing knife!

This knife is seriously the best I’ve ever used.

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