Two weeks until Thanksgiving, and that gives you all just enough time to order our new Cranberry Rib Candy products!

Cranberries are the only native American crop, and no Thanksgiving table would be complete without cranberry recipes! Texas Pepper Jelly is proud to introduce our limited-time cranberry Rib Candy products: Apple Cranberry, Peach Cranberry, and Pomegranate Cranberry. All three Rib Candies are delicious and versatile – use them as marinades for any kind of meat (your Thanksgiving turkey and ham will be so good you just won’t believe it!), use them as dips for pretty much anything – veggies, fruits, breadsticks, etc – use them as dessert toppings – hey, I’m not kidding, this stuff is awesome over ice cream, cake, pie, puddings, ANYTHING – use it in the stuffing, use it in cranberry sauce. . . there really is no limit to where any of our Rib Candy flavors can be used, and at this time of year, our cranberry flavors are especially awesome!

My suggestion to you is to order all three flavors and let your guests decide which one they like best. Remember, at Texas Pepper Jelly, whenever you order a multi-pack of any of our products, YOU choose the flavors, not us!

Almost every other business pre-packs their multi-packages and you, the customer, has to choose what THEY’VE chosen. But here at Texas Pepper Jelly, our multi-packs are chosen by the customer. That’s YOU, so whichever flavors YOU want, that’s what you’ll get.

Order now, so you’ll get your Cranberry Rib Candies in time for Thanksgiving.

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