Craig’s BBQ Sauce, which is winning awards all over Texas, is quite possibly the best barbecue sauce out there. It’s perfect on chicken, pork, beef, lamb. . . any kind of meat, really. And you can use it on any cut of meat, as well – ribs, steaks, hamburgers, whole chickens. . . . Craig’s BBQ Sauce is perfection.

Be sure you put the bottle on the table so people can add more, too.

Oh, and don’t forget that Craig’s BBQ Sauce is awesome in your meatloaf! No more bland meatloaf with our barbecue sauce.

Now, before I go to bed tonight, I’m going to prepare tomorrow’s dinner. Read carefully – this is something you’ll want to do, too. It’s so incredibly easy, yet your family will think you worked really hard making it.


1 small turkey or large chicken, cleaned out but whole
1 bottle of Craig’s BBQ Sauce
1 jar of Apple Habanero Rib Candy
2 Granny Smith (or other tart apples), peeled and sliced

What to do:

Stuff your whole chicken or whole small turkey with the sliced apples, and pour the entire jar of Rib Candy into the cavity on the apple slices.

Cram the bird into your crockpot; this is quite awkward and will make you feel something like a murderer disposing of a body, but just laugh and get that bird in the slow cooker!

Pour half of the barbecue sauce all over the outside. Sometimes I add a little chopped onion, but not always. Use onion if your family likes onion.

Put the lid on the crockpot, turn it to “low,” and go to bed. You’ll have wonderful dreams all night because the aroma will fill every room.

In the morning, check your bird for tenderness, and pour the rest of the barbecue sauce all over it. Replace the lid.

Fix the rest of your meal. About a half hour before dinnertime, remove the bird from the crockpot with tongs or two forks, and place it on a platter. Let it sit there for about 20 minutes, and then slice.

You won’t have to call anyone to the table; they’ll already be there, forks in hand. Put the meat on the table and step back quickly.

You’ll be asked to make this again. Soon.

P.S. Craig’s BBQ Sauce is on sale! Order two!

Remember, most Texas Pepper Jelly products are awesome whether you use them outdoors with your grill or indoors with your stove/oven/crockpot. Our products are just that versatile!

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