TexasChristmas There’s nothing like a big punchbowl full of sparkling red sangria to give a holiday air to the room!

I’ve posted before about adding various pepper jellies to your punch bowl to “spice up” the punch. Today, however, I’m passing along a tip I got from my kids. Don’t worry; they’re over 21!

Fill your punch bowl with soft red wine, and cut up several different kinds of citrus fruits, apples, grapes, and pretty much any fruit except bananas. Use bananas, even, if you want to.

Then, spoon out the entire contents of a 5-oz jar of Texas Pepper Jelly into the wine, and mix well with a whisk. Don’t include the floating fruit in this process. Add some cranberry juice and as much sparkling water as you want, and some frozen dollops of Cranberry Habanero pepper jelly, and stand back.

Be sure you’ve got enough cups. Everybody in the house will want a second helping.

P.S. Keep out of reach of children.