Bottle of Texas Pepper Jelly Bird Bath Insiders guide for bird bath and BBQ

Insider's Guide For Bird Bath and BBQ

Looking for ways to use Bird Bath™? This is our insider’s guide on how you can incorporate our Bird Bath into your backyard BBQ and at-home cooking. We should know what we are talking about when it comes to our products, so here goes. The first thing you need to do is … grab a bottle of Texas Pepper Jelly Bird Bath here on our website or from your favorite BBQ store.

We currently have multiple flavors of Bird Bath to choose from; Peach Mango Sweet, Peach Mango Habanero, Mango Habanero, and a new one coming soon. Each one will give your poultry a unique taste. Once you have a bottle in hand you can get started. Hint: Our Rib Candy is a similar consistency as our Bird Bath, they are easily interchangeable.

How to use Bird Bath when grilling chicken?

The most common way to use our Bird Bath is as a chicken glaze (some cooks refer to it as a chicken bath). We don’t care what you call it, we just hope you use it. If you are trying to figure out how to glaze your chicken, try a couple of methods to see which one best fits your cooking style. The brushing method, dunking, or our favorite pour method.

We typically grill chicken halves and glaze them this way:

  • Open a bottle of our barbeque sauce (Pour ¼ cup out of the bottle into a small container and save it for future use.)
  • We use ¼ cup of Peach Mango Sweet Bird Bath. Combine it into our barbeque sauce bottle and shake vigorously, until well blended.
  • When we grill chicken halves we prefer to start the process with a dry bird (seasonings only).
  • After grilling for about 40 minutes on a screaming hot grill we remove the birds and place them on a cutting board. With the squeeze-top still on the bottle, we drizzle the Bird Bath barbeque sauce mixture generously over the chicken until both halves are coated.
  • Place back on the grill and cook until the breast reaches 170°.

Removing the birds from the grill to glaze makes for a little bit easier cleanup of the grill.

What are some ways to use Bird Bath when cooking?

There are multiple other ways to use our Bird Bath. You can incorporate it into things like soups, desserts, dressings, vegetable glazes, dipping sauces, and so much more. It is one of the most universal products you’ll find on the market today.

Chinese food is another cuisine that works great with our Bird Bath! Here is an easy Sweet and Sour Sauce recipe, again using our Peach Mango Sweet Bird Bath.

Let’s face it, chicken is generally bland, so including our Bird Bath in your recipes can not only add a beautiful shine to the outside but can also enhance the flavor throughout.

More ways to find out about our products

We hope these ideas encourage you to use our products in typical and not-so-typical ways. If you create the Sweet and Sour Sauce recipe above, please share it with us so we can show it off to our followers. Until next time Texas Pepper Jelly fans, follow us on all our social media platforms @Texaspepperjelly (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram) and @texasribcandy on Twitter. And definitely, keep that pit smoke rollin’!

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