When it’s time to buy more BBQ sauce, why bother buying those little bottles from the grocery store? We all know those don’t last very long, especially in the summer when grilling is at its peak!

Our advice to all of you is to buy your barbecue sauce by the gallon, and what better place – and what better barbecue sauce – than right here at Texas Pepper Jelly.

Craig's BBQ Sauce by the gallon jug

Buying barbecue sauce by the gallon means you’ll have enough sauce for several cookouts, not just one or two, because everybody knows that a good cookout requires not only BBQ sauce on the cooking meats but also BBQ sauce on the table so people can add more. And people always want to add more.

Chicken, pork, beef, lamb. . . whatever kind of meat you put on your grill, Craig’s BBQ Sauce will enhance it and make it more delicious than it already was.

Are you grilling vegetables, too? Craig’s BBQ Sauce is delicious on veggies, too.

Oh and don’t forget – blend it with any of our famous Rib Candy flavors and you have a flavor party in your mouth!

Texas Pepper Jelly offers Craig’s BBQ Sauce in several sizes, so pick the size that is most convenient to you. However, if you do a lot of grilling out, BBQ by the gallon might be your best bet!

Besides, it isn’t easy to find a GALLON of BBQ Sauce.

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